Simple Starter Tutorial for the React JavaScript Library

In this blog post I'd like to teach you about React. React is a JavaScript library for building user interface (UI) components. It was created at Facebook, who built it to reduce the complexity of building large applications with frequently changing UI components. It is a simple, yet powerful JavaScript library that you can use to build awesome web applications.

Why am I posting a tutorial about React on a Django blog? It turns out that React and ...

How to Consume REST APIs with Django & Python Requests

A smart man once proclaimed that software is eating the world. Left in its wake is a slew of APIs. Thousands of them. APIs for making payments, sending texts, and even shipping packages. Even Chuck Norris has an API.

As a developer there’s a good chance you’ll need to interact with an API. And in the world of web, there’s an even better chance it will be a RESTful API. Therefore, knowing how to interact with ...

Just Getting Started

This post marks the launch of Ultimate Django! As you can imagine I'm really excited to reach this point. On this blog I will continue to write backup Django related topics. Please consider signing up for my newsletter so you don't miss out on any posts.