Learn Django

Learn Django

In this course you'll learn how to build web apps using the Django web framework. This is a powerful framework that is widely used across the web developer community. Companies like Pinterest, Instagram, and Mozilla use it for a range of applications. In this course you'll learn how to use it to build the course project, the CRM Easy SaaS application.

Here is the complete course curriculum:

Computer Setup

  • Install key software components on your computer
  • Includes Python, Git, PIP, Virtualenv and an IDE

Crash Course

  • A simple intro to Django
  • Build a very simple application to understand the basics of Django

Get Django Ready

  • Learn how to configure Django for advanced application development
  • Includes setting up a database and defining dev environments

Home Page

  • Learn about several fundamental components of Django, including apps, views, templates, and URLs
  • Build the CRM Easy Home Page

Push to Heroku

  • Understand and configure the Heroku application hosting solution
  • Prepare the CRM Easy app for deployment, and push to Heroku

Subscriber Form

  • Learn about Django authentication, model and form functionality
  • Build a subscriber form that processes credit card payments using the Stripe gateway

Login Page

  • Advance your understanding of Django's authentication system
  • Build a login page for end users

Account List

  • Advance your knowledge of Django views
  • Build a paginated list of accounts with basic search functionality

Account Detail

  • Learn how to query and display database content on a page
  • Build a page that can create new accounts and edit existing ones


  • Learn the basics of AJAX functionality
  • Add the ability to add, edit, and delete contacts in relation to accounts


  • This section reinforces everything you've learned in the course
  • Learn to build functionality very similar to the previous Contacts chapter (add, edit, delete communications)


  • Learn how to buy a custom domain name, configure error reporting, and deploy a custom version of the app

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