Chapter Intro

In the last chapter you learned how to build the login page. That page allows users to supply credentials to gain access to the CRM Easy application.

In this chapter you'll learn how to create the Account List page. This page will show all of the accounts an end-customer has entered into the CRM application. This chapter mostly builds on topics previously learned, but does introduce some new material, including how to use the ListView CBV.

You can refer to the Account List page to see what you'll be building.

The key concepts covered in this chapter include:

  • How to display query and display lists of data
  • Leveraging Django's pagination functionality
  • Implementing a simple search feature

Level Set

Follow these steps to reset your project to a known working version.

# checkout the master
(venv)$ git checkout master

# checkout the baseline version for the current chapter
(venv)$ git checkout step-7

# create a new branch from this version
(venv)$ git checkout -b account_list

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