Learn Django

Chapter Intro

In the last chapter you learned how to build the account list page. This page showed the accounts for a given subscriber. It also provided a search feature that let subscribers look for specific accounts.

One feature of the account list page is that it linked to the account detail page. The detail page is the focus of the next two chapters. In these chapters you'll learn how to build the following features:

  • Display the account details on a page
  • Create new accounts
  • Edit existing accounts

Refer to the Account Detail page to see an example of what you'll build.

Level Set

Follow these steps to reset your project to a known working version.

# checkout the master
(venv)$ git checkout master

# checkout the baseline version for the current chapter
(venv)$ git checkout step-8

# create a new branch from this version
(venv)$ git checkout -b account_detail_part_1

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