Chapter Intro

In the last chapter you configured Django's settings so that you can build the CRM Easy application. In this chapter you'll learn how to build the site's home page. The home page is the simplest page in the project, so it's a good place to start building on your understanding of Django. The page does not have any forms and does not require any database queries. All Django has to do is serve up a static HTML page.

Refer to the home page for a visual reminder of what will be built.

The key concepts covered in this chapter include:

  • How Django's project and app system works
  • Designing and implementing URL schemes
  • Writing Django views
  • Working with Django templates

Level Set

Follow these steps to reset your project to a known working version.

# checkout the master
(venv)$ git checkout master

# checkout the baseline version for the current chapter
(venv)$ git checkout step-1

# create a new branch from this version
(venv)$ git checkout -b the_home_page

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