Learn Django

Chapter Intro

One key skill web developers need is the ability to set up a computer with the tools and components that aid in software development. This may sound easy, but in reality it can be quite complex. It's complex because there are many software components that need to work together in order to configure a computer for productive software development. These components often have dependencies that need to be installed. They also often have strict compatibilities; what may work on one version of Windows may not on another.

Understanding dependencies and compatibilities is just part of the challenge. A developer must also know how to follow installation instructions, which aren't always as simple as following an installation wizard. If an installation has an error a developer needs to know how to troubleshoot and resolve it.

The purpose of this chapter is to take you through all the steps required to setup your computer for productive software development. This can be a challenging chapter, but it is absolutely essential that you know how to perform the tasks in it. If you do run into an issue the first step should be to try and understand exactly what's going on. If a component installation fails, what is the error message being reported? Take the initiative to search the Internet for an answer. If you can't find a resolution, the next step should be to post to the lesson comment section.

Please don't get discouraged! The time you spend troubleshooting errors is actually time spent developing problem solving skills which you'll use throughout your software development career.

This chapter will teach you the following:

  • Install key software components needed for Python development
  • Install a tool used to write software, often referred to as an Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
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