Learn Django

Chapter Intro

In the previous chapter you learned how to create the home page. Through that process you were introduced to a number of new topics, including how Django code is organized into projects and apps, class-based views (CBVs), templates, and designing URLs.

To allow users access to the CRM Easy application, it needs to be hosted somewhere on the internet. There are many great options that exist today. The one chosen is this course is Heroku. It was chosen because it's a reliable service that's easy to use. It also has a free tier for low-use web apps so you can get started without a financial commitment.

In this chapter you'll learn how to deploy the CRM Easy application to Heroku. In each subsequent chapter you'll be able to update Heroku with the latest changes.

Level Set

Follow these steps to reset your project to a known working version.

# checkout the master
(venv)$ git checkout master

# checkout the baseline version for the current chapter
(venv)$ git checkout step-2

# create a new branch from this version
(venv)$ git checkout -b push_to_heroku

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