Learn Django

Chapter Intro

You've reached the final part to building the subscriber form. At this point you should have a subscriber form that is capable of creating users and saving their addresses. The next step is to enable payment processing.

This chapter will show you how to charge credit cards using Stripe. Stripe is an online payment gateway company that creates an easy-to-use set of APIs. These APIs can be easily integrated into the CRM Easy application.

There are many different payment providers, including PayPal, Braintree (part of PayPal now), and Stripe. Stripe was selected for this project for its easy of use and fair pricing. You can also create an account and test with Stripe without paying any money upfront.

Level Set

Follow these steps to reset your project to a known working version.

# checkout the master
(venv)$ git checkout master

# checkout the baseline version for the current chapter
(venv)$ git checkout step-5

# create a new branch from this version
(venv)$ git checkout -b subscriber_form_part_3

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