Learn Django

The Course Project

At the heart of this course is the CRM Easy application. You can access the full application at http://crmeasyapp.com.

To use the CRM Easy application, open the link above and then click on one of the sign up buttons to create a user account. I recommend you take some time to study each page of the application.

The key theme of the course, and project, is to teach you how to build a SaaS application. In addition to the application itself, you will learn how to build a marketing page, and process payments. The project has these distinct parts:

  • A home page used for marketing
  • An order form that connects to a credit card processing provider
  • A page that displays paginated lists of content that is searchable
  • An AJAX powered page that allows for basic CRUD operations

This is functionality that you might expect to build into other SaaS applications. However, even if your application requires different functionality, don't be discouraged. The skills you develop building this functionality will put you on the right path to learning how to build anything with Django.

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