Learn Django


I'm excited to have you join this course. This is going to be a challenging course, and if you stick with it, very rewarding. You will learn a lot about programming. You will also learn about the kind of effort it takes to build and launch a web app. It is my hope that you'll leave the course with the skills needed to turn your rough ideas into functioning products.

This course will teach you how to build a modern web application using the Django framework. This web app will be accessible for both desktop and mobile browsers. It's modern in two ways:

  1. The web app employs techniques that reduce the number of page reloads. By reducing page reloads the application feels faster and more responsive.
  2. It employs flat design principles. Flat design is a current trend in application design and is known for its minimalist approach. Windows 8 "Metro" and Apple iOS 7 are examples of flat design. Traits common to flat design include the limited use of shadows, focus on colors, and simplicity.

The course itself is project driven, meaning you'll learn how to build a specific project - the CRM Easy application. The chapters are organized to help you progressively build logical units of this application, starting with a simple Home Page, and ending in the complex Account Detail page.

There's plenty of assistance along the way. Each lesson has a Q&A section that you can interact with directly. There's also a course wide Q&A section that can be accessed at the top of this page.

I hope you find this course challenging and educational. It's meant to be a very hands-on method of learning web application development with Django and related technologies.

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